Revolut experience in Cambodia

Four experiences so far

  • 100 dollars cash via AND ATM in Siem Reap: bank conversion rate applied +5 US dollar trzns action fée
  • card denied when trying to pay our hotel bill this morning whereas my other Master card was accepted
  • card denied access when trying to buy tickets to Angkor temples
  • revolut card accepted only once so far : buying something at a Shop

Lessons learnt: we were over confident in revolut and are ending up paying in Euros with a very poor conversion rate as we are trapped with no other alternative. Revolut business model needs to be revisited.

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ANZ BANK in Cambodia also used their own conversion rate when I retrieved cash at their ATM. So far all bank charges 4 to 5 US dollars when retrieving cash at their ATM.

Regarding payments in Shop or hotels with the Revolut card: sometimes it works abd other times I doesn’t.