Revolut exchange rates not as good as they could be


I’ve been doing some price comparisons between my Revolut, Fidor and Monese accounts. I currently work in Russia and use Revolut for my day-to-day shopping etc.

Revolut uses interbank rates.
Fidor and Monese use MasterCard FX rates.

As of today (9th March at 8am UK time) I am being offered the following exchange rate between RUB and GBP.

Revolut: 70.43 rubles per £
MasterCard FX rate: 70.82 rubles per £
Visa FX rate: 70.44 rubles per £
Barclays (who Revolut use) shows a rate of 71.59 rubles per £

In all of the above examples Revolut actually comes out with the worst exchange rate.

Can someone from Revolut explain this disparity please?


Hi @richardb, the rates the above parties are providing may be indicative mid market day rates. Revolut provides the spot interbank buy/sell rate.

In the scenario where spot interbank is being compared with indicative day rates, there may be instances where the indicative day rates are better. There may also be instances where the indicative day rates are worse.