Revolut – Europe's new tech unicorn 🦄


:rocket: Insane! We’ve just raised $250m at a valuation of $1.7b to become one of the fastest companies in Europe to reach unicorn status. :unicorn_face: Here’s what we have planned for you!




Revolut Platinum better have Apple Pay support :smile:

Also what happens when you have an EU revolut account and then also applied for a US Revolut account? Can I jump the line in the US? :smiley:


Can we make a sincere plea for some of this funding to be used to improve the Support function.
I’m not criticising agents but there see to be far too few of them for the hugely increasing number of new users :grinning:


This. Absolutely this.


Totally agree. It’s the one major drag factor of allowing Revolut to soar even more.


+1 Revolut’s primary concern should be support issue at this point.


What if USD local current accounts would be availabe also for EU customers?


I hope so. And if it’s ACH instead of IBAN I’d be happy :smile:


Yes, I believe it is going to be ACH.


Definitely ACH: Revolut lands in the USA!

Should be available to existing EU customers as well, can’t remember where I read that though.


It‘s on Twitter. Was mentioned just today.



Im very please with Revolut, the best bank acc i ever had.

Say, i have read it will be possible to buy in future on the Stock Market, when will this be implemented ?

And i would like to see German Iban Accounts beside the GB IBAN on my account.

And can i buy shares or so/invest in Revolut ? Let me know via PM.


With premium being already way more expensive than any legacy bank account that I know of and not nearly justifying the price for most people, for platinum, which is obviously gonna be more expensive, I just hope they have some worthwhile features.

I wouldn’t mind paying if I got my money’s worth. Currently premium tries to justify it’s price with features that I already get for free with any legacy bank account such as virtual and disposable cards. I hope platinum is not just unlimited withdrawals which legacy banks also offer for free…

I’m not trying to bash revolut, I just hope platinum surprises with some really cool features


This. So so so much support on this topic. You need more agents and better systems


Hmm I’m not seeing anything on my end.


Hi I have just signed up and want to find my revolt with a bank transfer to get my card. Where do I get the bank details to do the transfer and get my card?


More, profile, account details :wink:


Want loans for Germany asap