Revolut doesn't work in Mauritius


Hi everybody
I am a new revolut user and French too. Sorry nobody is perfect and sorry for my English !
I charge my revolut card before flying to Mauritius. When I wanted to use ATM for money, I asked for Rs 5000. ATM tells me fee is Rs 120. I accepted and after few second, transaction has been canceled due to an error.
I receive on my Revolut App this message :
Your withdrawal is declined.
Rate at 1€ for Rs 36.7414
Withdraw Rs 512000 For €139.25
I don’t know if the problem appears for this reason but the amount of Roupies is Rs 5120.00 and not Rs 512000.
Does someone have already saw this problem ?
Thanks for you help, because I travel to Mauritius several times in a year and bank fees is very high.
Waiting for your answers…


Hey! Did you check your security settings in the app? Maybe the app needs active data roaming when abroad to make “location based security” work. And ATM withdrawals must not be disabled here.

The amount seems to be right since it was converted into EUR correctly, right?


Hi Franck,
Check location is off, but disable ATM withdrawals was on. I switch it off and let you know, as I am already in Mauritius.
But do you know why the amount in Rs is without a comma, to separate Rs and cents ?
Thanks for your help.


The missing separator might be just a display bug. The conversion into EUR seems to be right and your account will be charged in EUR, not in Rs. If you check the screenshot you posted here, it is the big amount in EUR that would have been charged, the small numbers below are how it was exchanged into the local currency.


You are right after. After switching ATM withdrawals disable, I could get money on ATM.
I tried in two different banks. First one was MCB. I don’t go to the end of the transaction because ATM would like to charge me in pound and not EURO. As I haven’t any pound on my card, I discarded.
In SBM bank, the transaction have been made without any fees even though when I use my Mastercard before, I have been Rs 120 fee.
I could paid by card in a shop too, always without fee.
Many thanks Franck.


Okay, I am glad it worked. Since the card is issued as a UK card, POS terminals and ATMs assume sometimes the currency of the card is GBP. Therefore, some machines set the currency to GBP.

At ATMs, one should always withdraw the local currency, in your case in Rs. Otherwise, you won’t get Resolut’s favorable exchange rates!

Check Revolut’s FAQ on their website, “Overseas ATM withdrawals."