"Revolut does not support cash advances"?


In a bid to avoid $5 ATM fee in Kampot: Cambodia., I went inside the bank to attempt to withdraw via POS terminal @ 1.5% (min $2 fee). So tried to withdraw US$150 with minimum $2 fee.

It was not possible. The card reader said " Transaction declined"…And Revolut app said cash advances not supported.

Thoughts welcome.

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That’ right, i learned the hard way that cash advances on POS terminals are not supported at all.

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Thanks Expatier. I wonder if Revolut could make it possible for cash advances on POS?

It would perhaps offer a cheaper alternative to ATM use.

It’s not possible at all for the time being, as Revolut cards are still prepaid cards. Wherever you go, you can only withdraw money at ATMs and not make cash advances on POS.

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How did you calculated that fee should be 1.5% (min 2usd) for cash advance?

The Bank staff told me so.

I never did any cash advances (in POS) on any card. How does this process work, is it shown as normal card purchase in your card statement?

You can use credit card for cash advance. It doesn’t work with revolut