Revolut device insurance

I’m currently living in France and I’m gonna get a new phone in one week and I would like to suscribe to the Revolut device insurance.

The only problem is that I can’t click on the insurance icon on “more”, it is written that it is “coming soon”.
I receveid an e-mail more than one month ago to tell me that the insurance was already avalaible in France. So is it some sort of bug? Or the insurance is deactivated?

I was wondering, is this because I lived in Chile for 6 month and I only came back like 3 weeks ago?
Perhaps this is why the insurance is deactivated for me, since the Insurance is not avalaible in south America and the app probably thinks that I’m still living there?

Thank you for your help !

Sorry about this! The option is on hold at the moment, while we work on some improvements. We’ll notify you when it’s back up and running.

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Thank you for the answer.

Do you know when the feature will come back approximately?

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Hi there @Bluescript thanks for your patience. It’ll be up and running again in the next few weeks.

Good news is that you can insure devices up to 6 months old so you’ll be able to get protection for your device!


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I am having the same issue. Did anyone get a solution for this

Hi Rishi,

I am a Premium subscriber and have a two years old Iphone which I would like to insure with Revolut. Is the device insurance included in my subscription or only the travel insurance? If it is not included how do I insure my device and how much does it cost? Sorry could not find info on app. Thanks in advance.