Revolut Device Insurance Feedback.


I insured my device in november and paid for the insurance everyday up until now (still been charged)
My phone had a cracked screen and was asked to send it over, somehow the phone ended up in lithuania!!!
I got an email saying the phone is not repairable, which is untrue because it was only a crack.
The company refused to replace, repair or return my phone and revolut have cancelled my insurance for no reason!!!
brand new iphone 8plus, upfront cost of £48 and insurance charges for almost 6months lost just like that!!!
i don’t know what to do, just devastated that someone somewhere is using Revolut to scam and defraud vulnerable people!!!
please do not use the insurance!!! It is a scam!!!


Hey @onowanoriabure :slight_smile:

Simplesurance has repair centers in different countries, and I guess that includes Lithuania. I would suggest you to discuss this with the in-app support team and, if they refuse to cooperate, raise the matter to a formal complaint, as this looks like a plain abuse if the story went just as you told :frowning:

I’d be hopeful you’ll get a solution :wink:


thank you for replying. the story is even worse than I have told because I am still trying to see a positive to this whole misfortune.
Simple insurance no longer take my calls, have blocked my number and revolut have cancelled the insurance without notifying me of any reason.
revolut is now becoming evasive and barely responding to my messages.
please how do i raise a formal complaint???
please any available help will be greatly appreciated!


Hey @onowanoriabure :slight_smile:

I doubt that’s the case, even if it looks like :wink:

The higher the department, the longer it takes to answer, but the closer you are to your solution :sunny:
Simplesurance is known for not being the most honest company around sometimes, but I’m pretty sure this can have a good resolution for you.

In order to raise a formal complaint, you’ll need to clearly express your desire to do so to the next agent you speak to, and he or she will send you a link to the complaints form :wink:
However, it might be wise to give them some time to try to solve the problem without raising the issue to a formal complaint first! :smile:


Thanks a lot. you have been very helpful. Much appreciated.


@AndreasK @JessicaZ Need you :slight_smile:


Hi there.

Let me express my apologies for any negative experience you may have had. I would like to clarify that Simplesurance has offices in Lithuanian. I know this from personal experience as I had to send my phone there to fix it.

However, it would be really helpful if you could provide us with more details, like why Simplesurance cannot fix your device? Also, they cannot block a number, I’m sure if for any reason they cannot fix the device they will return it back.

From my experience, it can take up to 10 working days.

Regarding device insurance cost, the app provides you a price for signing up plus excess cost. You can find more info here: &


Stories like this will not give anyone confidence to use Revolut insurance products. I hope we will get told how it worked out in the end for you. Never mind smartphone. It would be great if someone could share their positive or negative experiences of claiming for medical expenses for costs incurred while abroad.


I had a great experience with simplesurance. I guess my epxerience doesn’t count because I’m an employee :slight_smile: but I get this.

Samsung galaxy S8, cost 80£ with the excess. Duration: 10 working day.


I finally got a response from the insurance company advising me to purchase another iphone 8 worth £675 and send them the receipts for them to reimburse me as my phone is not repairable. If I had £675 to buy a new phone awaiting reimbursement that may never come, would i bother to purchase insurance to begin with???
Simple insurance working with revolut is a scam!!! they are defrauding innocent customers by false pretences!!!
I insisted that i wanted my cracked phone back and my upfront charges and since then no reply again. I letter got an email that my phone will be returned but no time frame attached.

I will wait patiently and update users on this community as events unfold.

No insurance company should put customers through this traumatic and abusive situation i have had to go through.

And yes my contact number is blocked too because they normally pick up on the first ring but now it rings and then goes silent with no response!
I just want my phone back and hope I never have to deal with revolut or their fraudulent insurance ever again!!!


I’d also be dubious if I had to pay the whole cost upfront :frowning:

However, there’s a solution that might satisfy everyone. You can buy it online through, say, Amazon, and wait before using it. Give Simplesurance 30 days (or less, it’s up to you to decide which period is reasonable) to issue to a refund. If they don’t issue you a refund in that period of time, you’ll be able to return the phone without any kind of trouble. Even if this is not the best solution, and is still quite abusive, it will avoid the problem from growing bigger and will prevent you from losing anything more :wink:

Apart from that, I really hope :r: can intercede in this case between you and Simplesurance, as this is not the way :r: does behave, regardless of what TheTruth is going to post right after me (j.k. :heart:) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is the worst insurance company in Europe. I wonder how it would go with my iPhone X which costs 1400 Eur.


Apple’s no question return policy is 14 days. Frankly speaking, if I was @onowanoriabure I would not trust Simplesurance with reimbursing me for buying a packet of crisps


Really sorry hear that you have such a traumatic experience as you describe it.

However, my experience was more than pleasant. All sorted out very well.

Apart from that, be careful with the word “fraud” or “fraudulent”. You are wrongly accusing them for fraud.


I had a “pleasure” dealing with them also over a simple and honest accident, no x-files, no agendas, etc., but couldn’t do anything without invoking consumer protection agency.


From what he/she wrote it certainly looks like fraud.


That’s why I said…

Apart from that, Simplesurance might not be a fraud, but it’s a really shady company. Just check trustpilot. Or even worse, glassdoor. I just had to deal with them once for a OnePlus insurance product and it was just plain bad.


Well check this out:


That’s the reason I’ve asked on many occasions for the feedback on Revolut’s insurance claims.

I am aware that Revolut wants to stay competitive in their pricing but this race to the bottom will always end badly for the customer.

I am making generalisations here but quite likely Revolut’s customer base is relatively young and loves convenience of in-app purchases. Most importantly, many might not have experience of dealing with insurance companies for large claims resulting from overseas accidents or illnesses while traveling. Handing them to subpar insurance company is not the best idea…


I saw Andreas post it a while ago. They also score high (4.7) on the English version. However, I have to say that my experience is just completely distant from what is described in those opinions. It’s like they’re talking about a completely different business that I’ve never dealt with. They took days to answer emails, and weeks to repair the phone. It’s just hard to believe, even just by looking at the way they manage their Twitter profile and stopped answering customer’s queries through that channel.