Revolut deactivating our card with 20 days' notice


I’ve had our business Revolut account for ~3 months. We have just finished setting everything up to use Revolut’s virtual debit card rather than our old Barclays one.

I received an email on 11 Dec saying that our virtual debit card will be cancelled on 31 Dec and we need to set up a new one.

I understand the reasons, but who on earth thought that 20 days was enough time for businesses to change ALL their payments over to a different card? Not only that, but this notice period also spans the Christmas break which is the only time in the year we get the opportunity to unplug.

Our other bank, Barclays, is in the process of changing our sort code. It has given us 12+ months to adapt to the change. I would argue that 12 months is too long. But 20 days is ridiculous.

On another point, I also paid £12 last week for a physical card and when it came, my name was incorrectly formatted. I emailed about this over the weekend and heard nothing back.

Guys; we are seriously disheartened with our Revolut account. £25 a month is not cheap (plus card fees on top!), and we are not getting the service that we should be getting. I commend your approach as regards doing things differently but you need to understand that businesses can’t afford to faff about changing card details and chasing support staff.


Thanks for your message @rockets - I have sent you a message.



I am still waiting to hear back about the debit cards with the wrong names on, which was raised before Christmas.