Revolut - CURVE

For information, you can now add your Revolut card to CURVE ! :smiley:


Curve: Now Open for Everyone :rocket:


I have a question: if I use my Revolut card via the Curve card abroad, will I be charged by Curve for money conversion?

(I hope it is clear, because I’m French and I do not speak well English…)


Hi. As I know it depends which currency you set as base for revolut card in curve app. I am not sure because curve is not available in PL

PLN is supported currency.

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Yes, but currently curve is not available in Poland.

Who can get Curve?
Curve is currently available for business users in the UK and Ireland. If you’re self-employed, a freelancer, company director or business owner, download the Curve app on iOS and Android and order your Curve card today.

If you’re not eligible at the moment, sign up to our waiting list for when we launch our consumer card in early January 2018.

Our consumer card will be available in the following countries in January 2018:

United Kingdom
Czech Republic
Later in 2018 we will also start shipping cards to:


We will see in January…

Hi, I tried adding my Revolut MasterCard to Curve but it is not accepted.

Really? My Revolut virtual MasterCard got added to Curve without any problem.

What’s the BIN of the card you’re trying to add? (The first 6 digits)

My Curve in connection with Revolut completely stopped working last Friday. I did switch to another card and it worked fine. So apparently the problem is only with connection with Revolut.
I wrote to Curve support, but haven’t gotten any answer yet as to why card gets declined.

my VISA was accepted but not the MAstercard

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I’m not aware of CURVE. What’s the advantage of using CURVE?

Curve functions as a debit card (earlier versions were credit cards), so you can add a card (e.g. credit card or pre-paid) and get the functionality of a debit card while still retaining the advantages of the underlying card.

So you can use it at petrol stations, for instance, which you can’t do with :r: - put the :r: card in the Curve wrapper and Bob’s your uncle, so to speak.
You can even use it to generate manufactured spend but obviously I’m not going to go into details here, and you do so at your own risk (there is a very real risk of account closure from such use).

There’s a 1% FX load for non-GBP but if you switch to the local currency (which you should do if you have the Revolut card specified in the app) then your underlying :r: card will process the transaction FX free (week days only, of course!).

  • Full debit (works with petrol station etc.)
  • You can go back in time and put the transaction on another card (can be used to avoid weekend fee in R)
  • can be used for ATM withdrawals aside from Revolut limit.

Plus you forgot to add that it works great as an emergency card. I have my Curve card hidden in my car, for whenver I forget my wallet.

Does that really work? Doesn’t the originally charged card receive a refund at a potentially different exchange rate from the original charge?

No. The refund is always for exactly the same amount as originally.

Yes, Curve refunds exactly the same amount in the same currency as the original transaction, but the originally-charged card will be denominated in a different currency from the transaction currency. Therefore there is scope for the exchange rate to be different between the charge and the refund, particularly if they’re on different dates.

Well I’ve always found the refund to always exactly match the original charge. Even if done several days later.

Maybe this is because I don’t rely on Curve to do the exchange rate usually, generally relying on Revolut or a card using the MasterCard wholesale rate (that is with no mark up). Therefore any refund occurs in the original charged currency.