Revolut current account GBP and taxes in EU country

Hi. I have a question about the current account I’m GBP in UK. Can I get paid by my clients in UK into “my account”? Can I use that money for pay rent, utilities, supermarket, party, travel expenses, flight tickets, etc? What happen with that money if I’m a not resident and tax payer in UK. I’m a resident In another country. I’m not obligated to pay taxes as I’m with a spouse visa. What happen then? Can I use revolut current account to avoid paying income taxes?

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You can’t. You can only “top-up” revolut from your own bank account by bank transfer. Unless your “clients” are transferring money via Revolut App, but in that case it means you are doing business and revolut was only available for personal use, the last time I’ve read their FAQ.
And in general this is probably a bad idea to ask how to cheat taxes.

Hi @Felipemillan,

It is not permitted to use Revolut to evade taxes.

Our T&Cs (, specifically state that users are responsible for fulfilling their own tax obligations and Revolut will cooperate with any government and tax authority to prevent tax evasion.


Andreas K.

The standard Revolut account is for private use. But Revolut is planning to offer a business account:

One could receive one’s salary with Revolut, though. As an employee, not as a self employed business owner who charges customers:

All this regardless from tax obligations.