Revolut crypto ripoff, stay clear of revolut when buying crypto


crypto prices with revolut are completely incorrect and there is a difference of atleast 5% or more with the current market value. When i was buying crypto with Revolut i was promised that i would be exchanging them at realtime market price but its such a lie! I won’t recommend anyone to use revolut as a platform to buy of sell cryto currencies, they are just ripping people off.

Guys if you looking to buy crypto stay clear of Revolut as its a major ripof. Look at coinbase and other platforms.


Is not like here are dozens of topics about :confused: (more than half of the past week topics are about… crypto…) So in the end I guess people are kinda well informed :smiley:

and this topic with detailed explanation


Thanks for sharing! Yeh i’m not sure how can revolut claim to be providing exchange price but rather have almost 5-10% markup ripoff. Isnt it illegal!!! To be claiming exchange rate in all their communication but rather have 5-10% markup is really a huge lie Revolut is trying to get away with. Awful!!!


Also to put bit more color to complete lack of transparency on Revolut prices.

Currently ETH trading at 733 USD
Revolut selling price - 703 USD

Revolut would also charge 1.5% on top of that.



The rate the app shows when exchanging has the 1,5 % already included.