Revolut Crypto currency amounts should not be automatically exchanged

Hi there,

I recently exchanged £50 into Bitcoin to test out the new crypto features on Revolut. Was a bit disappointed to realise that Revolut automatically exchanges crypto currencies with normal currencies so Revolut automatically exchanged Bitcoin into £ when i tried to make a purchase with my Revolut card, having run out of £ funds.

IMHO, this feature is not appropriate for people who use crypto for investment rather than day to day transactions so I will not be using the crypto feature because of that.

I am sure there are better solutions but perhaps Revolut should allow you to disable the auto exchange between crypto and regular currencies (or enable auto-top up, for my particular case).

PS. I use Revolut for a joint account with wife, which makes control of funds even more important :wink:

Hey. You can deactivate the bitcoin account. Then it won’t be used by the card. You can still exchange into it etc.

Click the icon in the top left on the accounts tab. Swipe left on bitcoin and click deactivate

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Thanks Henrik. That’s a nifty workaround!

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With vaults coming soon I think you can use that instead :slight_smile:

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Thanks this is good to know as I recently purchased crypto currency via Revolut.

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Here is a preview