Revolut Credit


After launching Revolut Credit, it could be a new option to issue Creditcards with the full function of it .
Would solve directly the problems with offline terminals (in Aircraft and trains).

Also customers without credit could pay around £50 as “overdraft”, to get a Card recognized as creditcard (with the 50 as back up for offline payments).

I have an iCS Credit Card but set my balance at 0, and charge it myself (instead of using the spending limit). It is recognized as a creditcard and if the balance is 0 the payment cancel saying no money. Next week I am going to a hotel and will try if a reservation will succeed even I do not have a limit but charged it myself or not. If it works it could be something that Revolut could think of for the Premium product. ( it is not fancy to have a black card where you see the word Prepaid on:joy:)


Hello @yout,

Thank you for your idea. It is actually something that we’re working on it, then next step for Revolut Credit :slight_smile:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K



Are the plans to offer it in Netherlands as well:)


And is Revolut going to get a FCA guarantee for the money on the accounts of the users (like Monese and Monzo) ?



Once we have more information, we’ll announce :slight_smile:


Are there any updates for 2018 about Revolut Credit, the app still says coming soon.