Revolut Country Ambassador


Dear all,

question: I received the email to apply to Revolut Country Ambassado and I
would like to be chosen but after talk with two
colleagues we concluded that better than be chosen would be able to made a
group of work. It’s possible present the application for 3 persons? Instead of applying individually?


Hey @marianarafonso :slight_smile:

I never heard about this program and I’m curious. Could you share the info you have? :smile:


What is the story with the country ambassador thing. Can we get more details without signing up first?


I received an email from revolut that talk about it and said “We’re on a mission to change the face of banking forever - and we need your help! We’re recruiting Country Ambassadors across Europe to help us spread the word about Revolut, and we’d love to have you on board!”

Do you receive emails from Revolut? Check your email… :wink:


No (not yet, I hope), @marianarafonso, but other people in the forum got them too :slight_smile:

Pretty sure they’re trustable :smile: