Revolut Concierge during COVID-19


So most Metal customers are probably scratching their heads wondering why they’re paying fees and not getting much out of it at the moment. I decided to put in a concierge request and they actually sent me lots of guides and documents about films to stream, exercise, recipes, music albums, and much more.

If you want to try out concierge, send a request for useful tips and guides during the current lockdown, and hopefully you’ll find the documents they send useful.


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Thanks for your note, but for me, Google is enough :grinning:
Btw, I like Revolut and I understand you had a good experience with this service. :wink:

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To be honest, I have enjoyed using the service. They’ve got me some exclusive discounts with games and services to get me through the crisis.

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Exclusive discount with games ? Interesting… can you tell me more ?

Certainly! :wave:

They have their own backdrop for discounts. They do change every couple of weeks.

Send them a request and hopefully you’ll land something. :+1: