Revolut Chat bot not working/offline???

Hi there guys. Long time haven’t posted anything.
One of my contactless transaction got declined, but found out only at home.
Wanted to ask on chat thing, but it shows that i’m offline…
Don’t get it…
Here is a screenshot…


Try connecting to WiFi if possible, if that yields no results maybe @AndreasK could have a peek here?

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Thanks, got no wifi at the moment.
Will check up later👍

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Thats crap to have access to support chat only when Wi-fi available.

I normally use my mobile data, which is more than enough.

Not in this case😪

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Works for me. Maybe a local issue?


I think that was a local communication issue my 3/4G works for live chat just fine.

Still is an issue.
Chat unavailable on 3/4g …
Just on wifi.
Apparently :r: team looking into that :+1:

Don’t worry, Rita went to factory for maintenance and update.

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I received a notification of suspicious activity asking if this was indeed me. It was not. These were Amazon purchases in another country. I immediately deactivated my card through the app, as advised, and received a new virtual card with a physical card on the way. Problem is two fold: one, there were three purchases minutes apart from Amazon and Revolut only blocked one of them… two, there was another purchase the day before that had been pending and that has not gone through (and this is in a store that I cannot return to). I am trying to reach someone via chat to get this all sorted but it says I am offline. Who can I contact? What can i do?

Hi Andreas @AndreasK

I can’t create an account in Revolut. When I’m creating my passcode there is information that’s ‘We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later’. What’s should I do?

Hey guys! I have the same problem but I am connected to WiFi. I could talk to someone but then I had this error and when I updated the app now it says “you are offline”

Your screen shows that you are not using WiFi.

Again, I’m “offline”

Same problem, this time connected to my WiFi & I’m sitting next to it.

Have you tried it without the VPN?

Hi guys. I have same problem but with “looking for an agent” status on the top.

Does anybody have idea what to do?

Hi Guys,
I’m having the same issue. Moreover I received a message from the customer service but impossible to open it and now my request is cancelled.
Do you know how to resolve this ?
thanks !

Hey! Thank you so much :blush:. I think the VPN is the main problem. I deactivated it and the chat was available again. Then I activated and it was offline / online again. Maybe this is the problem. Thank you again for your help!!

Don’t mention it. :slight_smile: