Revolut changed local account number without notifying me, leads to loss of money


About a month ago when I was notified that local NOK accounts would soon arrive, I was quick to sign up and a few days later I was given a personal NOK account number. However, a few days later, without notifying me, Revolut decided to change the account number to a new one.

I have had transfers going to the number I was originally provided, so I asked Revolut through the in-app chat to locate the money and put it in my account, since they are the one to blame for not notifying me of the change. The response I got was unsetling and I was told that there where nothing they could do.

I was excited for the introduction of local NOK account numbers, but if they change from time to time without notifying the users, they are not good for anything else than one off payments. Luckily, I have not had huge ammounts transfered to my local NOK account number, but just enough that it hurts.


Hey BendikHa

Try the chat again, and if that does not work, contact the bank where you originated the transfer. They should be able to help you. Loosing money because of this is not an option.


I have contacted the local bank where I initiated the transfer, but they said that because the original number I was given my Revolut is valid and the account is not closed, the money will not bounce back. I guess Revolut just disconnected that account number from my account. I have tried contacting Revolut through the chat a few times, but I always get the same answer. They tell me I was notified, which I was not, and that this is my fault.


They should still be able to figure it out. Contact support and if that does not help, then escalate it.

Maybe @AndreasK can help ?


After talking to a few Revolut representatives through the chat, providing proof of transfer from my local bank and pushing them enough, they finally worked it out and I am told all the money will be in my account within 5 working days. I have yet to see if it actually happens, but regardless. Revolut should notify you when the account number changes and have a grace periode where transfers to the old account automaticly transfers over to the new one.