Revolut caused more of my money to be stolen.


I have multiple problems right now. I recently topped up my account with a few hundred to spend and I noticed that it was gone when I logged back in to use it. It was stolen by somebody in Cuba. Weird, no notification about the withdrawal and I always get notifications when I use Revolut.

I check my account history on revolut and there are 51, yes 51 fraudulent transactions since April. Not once was I informed or did revolut do anything, no notification from my app, nothing. 10 of these transactions were able to take money and the other 41 failed due to me not having money in my account. As I usually don’t leave much money on my account when i am not using it the total amount wasn’t that much, apart from recently when i put more money on to spend and that was taken.

Since revolut never gave me any indication my card information was compromised that money was stolen too. If they had done their job the thieves would have been stopped months ago.

I then contacted support and they gave me a charegback link which i followed and completed. However they said I actually have to fill it out again for some reason so I am trying to. Now it just asks for my phone number, which I enter - briefly goes to a screen where I need to enter a pin that they text me (I receive the text) and goes straight back to the phone number screen, no possibility of filling out the chargeback. I asked about this but no reply. I sent a message on facebook and but they are still trying to help, I have tried on chrome and firefox on Android, and also on chrome and firefox on my PC, everything has the same result. The basic form does not even work.

The worst part is although I have removed the card from my account, I can still see fraudulent attempts to steal money from me every day if I log into the app, yet still there are no notifications coming through. How is that even possible, that is a HUGE security flaw by revolut.

I of course have notifications turned on in my app at all times and had gotten all my own valid ones correctly. Yet people are able to steal money from me, attempt 50+ transactions and not even one notification or somebody at revolut thinking, hey there are 50+ attemtps to withdraw cash from atms in Cuba from our customer in Ireland, maybe there is something wrong?! A country I have never even been to.

This poor support has literally led to more money being stolen from me and I can’t even file a claim to try and get it back. I have been trying to for a week. Nobody can even explain why the notifications do not happen, they don’t even reply to the question.


This is very serious. I think you should contact Revolut officially by sending a formal complaint letter to their HQ. Change your PIN code.


I do not think that is a pin problem.I really understand your frustration but can you please provide us with your own transaction historical?All i want to see is that if you put your card’s data somewhere unsafe or you used it exclusively in ATM or merchant pos.


How can the money be taken out of ATM without PIN code? Need to change PIN code immediately.


The card has been marked as stolen by now, I am not sure why the transactions are even still appearing in my account. They still are trying to take money out (which is obviously failing) and I STILL get no notifications. I can see attempts every day in my history to take out money still.

I do not use my card anywhere dodgy, I used it with a few ATMS (last ATM use on my account is 8 months ago from a quick look), restaurants and retailers like amazon. I barely used it that much in fact!

I am thinking to writing to them as I have no way of really talking to them, the support is not very good.


omg they did not took cash they did it electronically.I think Revolut’s card has a serious flaw in electronical transactions.I will always use it in ATMs and I will always disable when I do not use it.I have read similar incident and in a greek forum so I think we are getting a pattern here.


I would think that electronic is more likely but in the app when it happened recently and I saw it as pending in the app, it says “ATM” and then when it completes the transaction is just written as “cash”. Unless their app is reporting things wrongly of course. Why would an ATM withdrawal be pending anyway.


Hi Paul.

Really sorry to hear that. It seems there was an issue with the chargeback from. However, we can raise the chargeback manually for you.

I think we’re in touch on Facebook, I will forward your request to the chargeback team.


Andreas K.


Thank you. Andreas has helped me out a lot today via chat and hopefully things will move forward now with the charge backs.

I am very concerned over the notifications not being received, I think that needs to be investigated, it could cause other users to lose money as well as me.


Thanks to the help from Andreas and the team, they have sent me all the money I’m owed.

They are still avoiding the notification issue causing people to lose more money, so be careful on that front. They have said they will look into improving things but I wouldn’t go leaving your card enabled when you are not using it as you possibly won’t know if it is being used. Especially as all your legitimate transactions will come through fine.