Revolut Cards in Spain

Hi Pablo, if I want to get a Spanish IBAN with Revolut, do I need to get a new card even if I already own one in UK? If so, do I need a spanish mobile number for getting a new Revolut Spanish card? Thanks Andrea

Hi there!

“Spanish card” and “Spanish IBAN” are two things, not related. Revolut does not offer Spanish IBANs. All IBANs for all customers, even Spanish residents start with GB. (Leaving aside Brexit for a second here.)

Cards, on the other hand, are localized. Localization is determined by your account address in the Revolut app (and not by the delivery address). To get a Spanish card, you would have to change your registered address to a Spanish address, and then order a new card. This new card should then get a localized card number.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the clarification.