Revolut Cards in Spain

I am a Spanish resident and received my Revolut Visa card last week (May 20th). So far, every transaction has been offered as DCC and the ATM withdrawal was being priced at €5 (Santander ATM). So it would seem that whilst the IBAN is euro, your ICA and BIN set up is probably a GBP one.

As I am sure you know this is not a great customer experience as a Spanish resident using a euro denominated account in their “home” country should never get offered DCC. Issuing the card with a Spanish ICA and BIN would solve this and I believe you planned on doing this in March, correct? I think it is vital.

Many thanks!


@viguerapablo I thought that when you start to distributing MasterCard again, in Spain it would be with Spanish BIN cards, This ones would give us the comfort that never make us DCC in the operations in euros, nor diferents changes in three coins when we were in other countries with other currency than euro and pound.
But now, I don´t understand the contradiction that on May 13 you will facilitate a user a MasterCard and on May 20 you will give to another user a Visa.
If I ask for a card this week, will you send to me a MasterCard or a Visa? And if it is Mastercard as I wish, will it has Spanish or British BIN?
And finally, in case you still don´t send the Mastercard with Spanish BIN… Do you have any more up-to-date idea about when are you currently thinking of that will be available?
Thank you very much @viguerapablo, your contributions are always very useful.


Hi @JAMG - at the moment in Spain we’re only distributing Visa (via app) for the next little while. It’s still possible to get old Mastercards (e.g. if you come to one of our community events or get a card through a member of our team/ambassador). No update on ETA as to when we’ll distribute Mastercard again. But we are doing our very best to tailor our product(s) so as to provide the best possible user experience locally in Spain and in other countries.

Thanks, my interest on MasterCard is only for the spanish BIN (to avoid DCC in some situations). Then I’ll wait some weeks, I hope no more than 2 or 3 weeks…

[quote=“viguerapablo, post:1, topic:24847”]We’ll soon start issuing Spanish cards


Hello @viguerapablo
On 25 of january, you wrote:
“We’ll SOON start issuing Spanish cards”
What do you understand for “SOON”?
A few days later you said that:
end of February aprox
Then, at the end of February, you change the estimated date:
"in the coming weeks (sometime in March). "
Then, at the end of March, you change the estimated date again:
"in a couple of months’ "
Then, at the end of May, you don´t give us a estimated date:
"No update"
Then, this “soon” is about 6 months or more (we don´t know if it will be ready in June or in December)
Do you think that this is serious?
I don´t know if you are making the necessary efforts, but of course this doesn´t give you a very good publicity.

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Prueba BBVA o Abanca, estos ultimos solo en galicia. Les cobran a ellos 0,75, pero a ti nada. Recuerda darle a quitar en euros, nunca en GBP, o lo que harán será cobrarte en la cuenta en libras y luego hacerte el cambio que les dé la gana, seleccionando euros te mandan el cargo en euros a la cuenta revolut

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@viguerapablo Really there are no news?
I’m worried, I think you’ve probably given up on your own initiative. And that you never really offer this new service, which I have been delaying month after month during this half year.
That was a great idea and I’m worried that you know that you are not going to develop and do not tell us.
Could you give us a date? so we can regain confidence again

Pablo Viguera: Are you missing? you don´t give us any answer since May.
Could you tell us if this proposal is actual and how long do you think it is necessary to wait until now to get it?
Thanks in advance

@viguerapablo is not on revolut anymore so, could other revolut team member keep this thread updated please??


any new about the Spanish cards?

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Yep, and about other countries too :wink:

I just asked via chat. With the only response of “All card are UK issued”

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Still no news about this? It’s such a shame. Not having Spanish issued cards prevents to use it online very often.

It shouldn’t be like that, as any payment within SEPA countries should be always allowed, as far as I know. But truth is a lot of online payment systems in Spain only allow Spanish issued cards.

Paypal allows adding the card to the wallet, but then payments fail because they default to GBP.

This is the single use that prevents me to upgrade to Revolut Premium, as it wouldn’t be premium service after all.

Since Pablo Viguera left, isn’t there anyone from Revolut able to give an update about this?


You can change the currency setting for each card in your Paypal account. You should be able to find this in Paypal’s user forum.

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REVOLUT STAFF: Could you tell us if this proposal is actual and how long do you think it is necessary to wait until now to get it?
Thanks in advance

In Spanish Facebook, they have answered:
The issue of cards issued in Spain is something we keep working on but we can not give you a date yet. We hope to have it soon ready… :wink: Stay tuned for news through our networks. A hug and thanks for the feedback!

Metal card solved it. Isn’t it? They are issued in France, aren’t they?

I don´t know where Revolut’s Premium Metal card are issued, but it cost £ 6,99 per month.

Well, some BIN checkers say France, some USA. Initially, BIN checkers said Spain about Transferwise’s cards, they now say UK. BIN checkers aren’t reliable for newly introduced cards. They rely on third party data. They don’t update in real time.

My metal card is issued in France. At least it solves DCC in Spain and UE