Revolut Cards in Spain


@viguerapablo Can we order the Spanish Cards? Or are not avaible yet. Thanks


Hi @JAMG - these are not available yet. Watch this space for updates in the coming weeks. :slight_smile:


Any news on this? :slight_smile:


Not yet guys. Hoping for sometime in March. We will keep you posted. :raised_hands:


Is this just affecting Spain/Portugal or the rest of Europe as well?

We have same problems in The Netherlands, as the Revolut (Visa) card is not accepted by many - if not most - merchants. Heard this same situation in Germany, Belgium, Austria, and so on as well.


No news? March is ending…


Visa Card received yesterday, first payment in Spain and the POS asks me if I want to pay in GBP, annoying… everytime I want to pay I need to be careful to select the amount in EUR because otherwise I am charged in GBP and it’s always more expensive.


Thanks, I’m waiting the staff confirm us that Spanish card is running, to order it.
I prefer to wait some days in order to have a more confortable card.
I suposse it will be in some days, I hope the staff confirms us the definitive date.


Hi guys - thanks for your patience. As you know, we’re now distributing Visa cards across Europe. These are not quite “local” ones yet as we’ve never distributed these before. That being said, the work has been done for Mastercard so that in a couple of months’ time when we resume distribution of MC, these will be fully-local ones. Also, in the meantime and as we continue to distribute Visa for the next couple of months, we’ll aim to also look at adapting these to local market needs.

Revolut Visa

That means that we won’t be able to have a Spanish card for almost two months, isn’t is?
Have I understood correctly?

And a Spanish IBAN instead of English, to recharge the account, will also arrive at the same time or has no relation?

Thanks for you information…


Disposable cards are spanish, right?

@viguerapablo so two more months then?



That’s right @JAMG - Spanish IBANs are also something we are looking into but it’s not related to the cards, could come in at the same time, before, after, etc. as these are independent.


Any remarkable update, @viguerapablo :drooling_face:


Not yet @Juliopp - last guidance still stands. When we start issuing MC again we’ll have this ready. :slight_smile:


Hi, can’t wait until Spanish cards (hopefully also linked to Spanish accounts) are rolled out to recommend it to my family (I have been using it for long in Ireland and I’m very happy), but I was wondering, will transfers between my revolut and theirs still be free despite them belonging to different countries?


Hi @HaideeHammond - of course, transfers as well as send/receive money with your contacts on the Revolut app will still be free and instant. Nothing will change there. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I just had never had the chance to use it with other countries since all my friends using revolut are here in Ireland. Looking forward to use it with my family now as well!


Any updates? I received my revolut card today, but I don´t know if it’s spanish or UK. Thanks


In case this is a reference and checked on 05/13/2018:

  • I have a MasterCard card and I can not use La Caixa ATMs without commission.
  • A friend with the Visa card can use ATMs without problems in La Caixa.


@viguerapablo Just two months ago you said :
“…in a couple of months’ time when we resume distribution of MC, these will be fully-local ones.”
And in the previous message SUZUKA said that he has checked on 13/05/2018 and he has recived a MasterCard.
Means that are avaibles the local cards? The new MC you are sending now to Spanish residents, are they already Spanish cards?
Thanks in advance.