Revolut Cards in Spain


Yep, and about other countries too :wink:


I just asked via chat. With the only response of “All card are UK issued”


Still no news about this? It’s such a shame. Not having Spanish issued cards prevents to use it online very often.

It shouldn’t be like that, as any payment within SEPA countries should be always allowed, as far as I know. But truth is a lot of online payment systems in Spain only allow Spanish issued cards.

Paypal allows adding the card to the wallet, but then payments fail because they default to GBP.

This is the single use that prevents me to upgrade to Revolut Premium, as it wouldn’t be premium service after all.

Since Pablo Viguera left, isn’t there anyone from Revolut able to give an update about this?


You can change the currency setting for each card in your Paypal account. You should be able to find this in Paypal’s user forum.


REVOLUT STAFF: Could you tell us if this proposal is actual and how long do you think it is necessary to wait until now to get it?
Thanks in advance


In Spanish Facebook, they have answered:
The issue of cards issued in Spain is something we keep working on but we can not give you a date yet. We hope to have it soon ready… :wink: Stay tuned for news through our networks. A hug and thanks for the feedback!


Metal card solved it. Isn’t it? They are issued in France, aren’t they?


I don´t know where Revolut’s Premium Metal card are issued, but it cost £ 6,99 per month.


Well, some BIN checkers say France, some USA. Initially, BIN checkers said Spain about Transferwise’s cards, they now say UK. BIN checkers aren’t reliable for newly introduced cards. They rely on third party data. They don’t update in real time.


My metal card is issued in France. At least it solves DCC in Spain and UE


Don’t rely on early tests with BIN checkers. The latest explanation for this seems to be that Revolut uses an implementation of what Mastercard calls “Account ranges”. After a universal 6 digits BIN, further digits define, in the case of Revolut, the country of a card.

Some, me included, assume that this is how Revolut will control availability of services like Apple Pay. They need to control this by country, cards gerenally issued in France won’t do the trick.

You should be able to add the Metal card to your iTunes account now (same country as your Revolut account).

Try , this BIN checker shows you that the same BIN is used for different countries, and France is not the only country information for this 6 digits BIN.

Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay
Can''t add Revolut card to iTunes account
Apple Pay support

But of course, this is what @viguerapablo might have had in mind when he said that they are going to introduce localized Spanish cards once they’re going to issue Mastercards again.


I don’t think it’s my case. Since my card doesn’t follow a 0 as it says here:


Mine doesn’t either. :wink:

It still gives you the list where all the first 6 digits are the same. The digits that define an account range can be 1 to 5 digits following the initial 6 digits for the BIN!

If it would be a French issued card, customers in Switzerland would not be able to use the card with their iTunes account. But they can. Apple accepts them as “local” cards. One Swiss customer tried a different country than Switzerland. Apple did not accept it. This is a strong indication for the “Account ranges” theory, I believe.


And I might add, that Binbase literally seems to confirms this:

IMPORTANT: This BIN is split into different account ranges. 106 records has been found in our extended database:
6 records in 7 digit BIN database
100 records in 8 digit BIN database
Below are 4 examples:

(Then the 4 examples posted earlier in this thread follow.)


Ok. So it seems that you and @Iskender are right.
Few weeks old mastercard worked to be enrolled in ITunes, Spotify and PlayStation Store - all Romanian accounts.


I‘m happy to hear that this is not limited to Metal cards but presumably to all Mastercards that were issued recently? Makes the cards way more useful. About two steps closer to becoming a full current account replacement outside of the UK for me.


I will try an ATM who I remember offered DCC last time I used it. Not 100% sure it was this card though…


New premium cards are also following the same scheme. Also verified by binbase.


No news, bad news.
We are still waiting…