Revolut cards are back in Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­πŸ’³


####Revolut cards are back in Switzerland :switzerland::credit_card:




Great News. What action is required for current holders of cards? Linking card does not work!


Got my card today 1 day before expected :grinning:



OK great news for Swiss Revolut customers. Will the new issuing bank be able to reinstate Revolut customers in the Isle of Man?



It is Wirecard i think


We’re back for residents of Isle of Man too :slight_smile:

Revolut in the Isle of Man

What is the correct way to wire CHF from Switzerland to Revolut? My Swiss bank (Postfinance) automatically uses a non SEPA procedure for the revolut IBAN/SWIFT, and therefore charges 2 CHF. But on top of that, another 8 CHF disappeared when the amount arrived on my Revolut account.
Is there a better way? Some Swiss coordinates?
Something I can do from my side to avoid these fees?



This is perhaps not the right place, but I don’t know how to PM you. I’ve made a bank transfer to my Revolut without adding the remark in pink, which I had to learn about in the FAQ that it is a necessity for your transfer to go through smoothly. Can you find my transaction and add the funds to my account? Please PM for extra info.


No worries. I will do that for you :slight_smile:


Great news for those living in Switzerland but when will it be available again for Channel Islands residents?


I just made a transfer of CHF 1,000.- through Postfinance receiving CHF 992.- on my Revolut account. Postfinance charged CHF 2.- and Lloyds must have taken CHF 8.- which is commen for a transfer to the UK. This resulted in charges of 1% and it took (Revolut) 5 working days to show on my card account. I wonder why it took so long.

As Karol said earlier, the only reasonable alternative is SwissBankers Mastercard Prepaid where there should be no fee at all for loading and transferring to Revolut but just the yearly credit card fee of CHF 45.- and you can also use this card together with ApplePay.


I did the same thing 3 week ago. Ended with CHF 994.–
My problem is that the transfer is still pending and does not show up on my account.
I can not touch the money.
@AndreasK Can you please find my transaction and add the funds to my account? transfer date 19/9/17


Are you referring to a transfer in or out?


Bank Transfer into my account. Its the first time! Newbie!
I can see it as pending transfer, but can not touch it!


Please verify your account! Go Profile section -> Verification & limits. Once you have verified your account, the transfer will be available.