Revolut card theft

Hello Guys
So i had my balance on 0 and it was mid day so i checked my revolut account. I can see i have -£44 and someone decided to order deliveroo at 5:30am and i am worried as hell now , i have used deliveroo before but not with that card that the thiefs decided to steal it from.
What do i do please.

Hey @Amahmoud098 :frowning:

I’m so sorry for that. First of all, block your card if you think it’s been compromised:

  • Through the app itself (Cards tab)
  • Through the automated hotline +442033228352

After this, to resolve the issue head to the More tab, click Support and type live agent to get transferred with the support team. Explain your problem to them and they’ll hopefully provide with a satisfactory answer :wink:

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Done thank you , live chat is down at the moment.

Hey there @Amahmoud098 :wink:

These are the opening times:

Hope you get a solution soon :blush: :sunny:

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