Revolut Card That I Never Received

Original Message: Olá boa tarde preciso de ajuda.
Estou inscrita no Revolut, mas nunca cheguei a receber o cartão. Pode ajudar-me pf a confirmar se a minha inscrição é válida?

Translated Message: Hello, good afternoon, I need help.
I’m signed up to Revolut, but I never received the card. Can you please help me confirm whether my registration is valid?


Hello @anapaula.vitorino196 :wave:,

Welcome to our community. I completely understand your concern. May I know have you ordered your card yet? :thinking:

If you’re confused regarding how to order card or how would that work, please don’t worry. I have already created a topic for beginners’ guide: Things You Need To Know About Revolut Cards :arrow_backward:

I hope this will resolve your concern.Also it would be very helpful if you can communicate in English so that our other users can help you as well. :hugs:

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