Revolut Card Statement

Hi guys, I’ve been using Revolut for years and I’d never thought that I would have such a big problem. I need a card statement, not an account statement. Do you know if there is any way to get it or create it? Any advice would be super helpful. Thanks.

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That’s a very old thread, but if you are asking about what the OP was asking back then:

You simply tap/click on the relevant transaction and you can generate and download a separate “statement” for that transaction that also shows the partial card number that was used and all other relevant information for that transaction.


You can’t create a statement just for one card, but you can produce pdfs for each payment you make in form of transfer (not card payments).

You’d have to just provide an account level statement as most banks would anyway and mark with a pen what was card specific.

You can also screenshot within the card section of the app and recent transactions for that card.

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Hi @maq, and welcome to the Community :wave:

As @slz and @Carl_1460 advised above, you can generate a statement for each payment, and you can get an account statement and check which transactions were done with the card you intend to check :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :pray:

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