Revolut card refused in Bali - not a positive experience


After a lot of research, I purchased a Revolut card before my recent holiday to Bali. Given the outright cost of the card I was expecting a seemless process and to be able to freely withdraw money from around Bali, and avoid the risk of having my bank card stollen/relevant charges.

This was not the case! After many tries transferring money across from my bank, I finally had money on the card beofre I left the UK. At multiple cash points around the Bali Island I was unable to draw any currency, despite a sufficient balance. Thankfully I also took my bank card with me and was able to withdraw money from the same cash points.

Being unable to withdraw money and having to rely on my bank card completly defeated the point of engaging with Revolt in the first place. The charges from my bank were lower than the initial cost of the Revolut card…

I wouldn’t bother with the faff next time!

Other cards such as Monzo, also trying to disrupt this space, seem to be taking a more customer friendly approach.


This information isn’t very useful unless you tell us more about the problem. You haven’t told us whether your card worked elsewhere or for purchases in Bali. Was the problem specific to Bali or Indonesia? If not, it’s a misleading title. When you reported the problem to Revolut, what explanation did they give you?


You probably didnt know, you can withdraw money only on ATMs by Mastercard, all of them are listed in “mastercard nearby” app. This information is listen in under FAQ as “Revolut card is accepted worldwide in all Mastercard locations”. This is also applicable for pos terminals.


In addition, did you have the “ATM” safety option unlocked?