Revolut card reader device - does it exist?

Revolut can create card payment links, which i find great. The question is - Is there a device which could read directly cards and create a payment for Revolut? That would be fantastic


No. Revolut does not give POSs.

Get an izettle :slight_smile:

I’ve heard good things about sumup too.

but it would be amazing if revolut would get into retail (physical and online)

IZettle charges for cards 2.75% ( German EC cards 0.95%). Sumup 2.5% charge ( Austrian Maestro Bankomat 0.95%)… Revolut doesnt charge normally and immidiately the money on the account… These two I wanted to avoid…

you seem to have missed the latest plan changes for business accounts.

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The se are just for private purposes (paying back to a friend etc.) it is not a replacement for POS device (for business). Get myposeu.