Revolut Card promise


When I first found out about Revolut I got myself a card, There was a promotion IF one recommended 5 other people and they in turn obtained a card, It would unlock the Crypto.

I duly got my 5, and Crypto was opened to me, Whilst chatting to a live Agent, That agent informed me IF I got X number I be given FULL membership and not have to pay the ±£6.00 per month.

I know for fact that because I promoted Revolut as far as China ( Revolut is not there yet) as a result at least 1-200 poelple obtained a Revolut card, BUT I never received my Upgraded account.



I’ve never heard about promo like this… Could you give us any source? I mean-any publication or screenshot from this chat…



Even standard membership is FULL. Not only premium. So there’s no need for an upgrade.

Free cards are sent for certain new accounts in specific times.
For example, probable you’ve got the email in the period when it was free delivery BUT you did not ordered a card straight away and the promo unfortunately expired.



I do recall the free period, I have nothing to prove the ‘Upgrade’ was told to me in a chat with a Live Agent.
I’ve written to Revolut about this but did not received a reply.

I’m surprised that people will pay the £X for an upgraded A/c and even moreso that it’s not taking applications.

Still, It’s a fantastic card, Never had a problem.



So just go to the in-app chat, swipe it down, look into this promise, take a screenshot and place it here. I would love to take a part of it (I have invited dozens friends and family)

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First, there was a handful of promotions which offered a free premium account*) but this never included referrals to my knowledge. Second, even if there was ever such an offer I would imagine this only includes actual registrations and not any potential pre-signups for countries not yet covered by Revolut (China).

*) Though they were not so much promotions rather than raffles.



As far as I know, under the ambassador program members could get a free premium subscription after a certain number of signups.

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