Revolut card previously free, not anymore now!


A couple of friends have obtained Revolut for free and quickly, which meant allowing them to try it out with no strings attached and that was something they really promoted. I then signed up recently to find that I was placed on a waiting list and after patiently waiting for weeks, I am now told I can obtain one at a minimum £5 charge!!is this likely to change as I wanted to try it out on the same basis? Am not really interested in paying for this product at this stage.


Trust me its worth. I am using it and its awesome.


Hi @skeptical. Here’s a bit of an explanation about why we made this change: new virtual card 5£ - Hope that helps!


Thanks for linking it up. It looks like the team was considering offering a credit to the users who actually use the card - what happened with that?

I echo what was said on the thread in that a lot of it appeal lay in being able to test it out for free rather than having to ‘purchase’ it, as that seems to be the case now. That certainly appeared to be the consensus amongst my friends when we were discussing it.


After Friday’s performance I cannot agree that it is worth anyone’s while to purchase this card.


You are right, is not free anymore, and now there are fee’s for ATM cash withdraws that exceed the monthly limit of €200 or equivalent in other currencies. Shame. The last nail in the coffin for digital nomads…

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