Revolut Card not working (Online purchases)


Hi all !

First of all, excuse me if I’m making english mistakes, not my main language o/

Here’s my problem:

I just received my first physical card (Sooooo shiny) and I wanted to make online purchases but none of the websites I tried worked (Tried Humble Bundle, Steam and AliExpress). I wanted to contact the support but they’re under heavy load at the time. And I wanted to be sure if I was not making any mistake in the first place, I’m explaining: My identity isn’t validated yet (Lost my ID card and french administration is what it is). I know there’s a ceilling for non-validated accounts (100€) but I thought that I could use the card anyway. Tell me if I’m wrong !

Still haven’t tried regular transaction with it, but I’ll try it this evening.

And voilà, hope the community got an answer, or I’ll have to wait the support :c

Kisses from France !


You need to verify your identity first. You’re risking that they are going to fully block your account. You can verify your identity also with a passport or a driver’s license.


Kisses from England too.

Have you checked online purchases are enabled in Security Settings?


First purchase with physical card must be made with the associated PIN.


Ohhhhhhh right, like a regular credit card. I totally forgot about this…

Thanks ! I’ll try it !

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