Revolut card not delivered! Sent but no tracking number!

A total joke from Revolut not proving and not having the tracking number of the cards ordered and not yet received!
For security reasons Revolut MUST have the tracking number to confirm if the card was delivered in the right address!
A total joke from Revolut advertising 3 days with express delivery and tracking number to receive a card!
I ordered 2 cards on the 19th and the 20th! One sent but not received since the 21st! And no tracking number!
The other one ordered on the 21st and still is on the “Ordered” Status!

Hola @joserocha :slight_smile:

The times I ordered a card with a tracking number, that code arrived through SMS. Additionally, why is it a must for security reasons?

Hi Julio!

I did not receive any SMS with tracking number! I ordered two cards and
none received so far!
Just Revolut promises 2 things and does not offers what promises! That is
bad publicity, because I order the card with enough time to receive it
before going in holidays! Now I have the risk to not have a card to use my
money that is in Revolut!
They say Express delivery with 3 says to delivery and tracking number!
Already passed 8 days (since the 19th) and Revolut does not know the
tracking number because the company partner did not sent it to them!

For Security reasons, why should not Revolut have the tracking number to
check it the card was delivered to the right address? If the card is
delivered to another address/person and they start buying things, is
Revolut responsible ?
With the tracking number both me and Revolut know the location of the card
and mainly the correct date of arrival!!!

I am giving an opportunity to use revolut but with this bad experience with
a mistake/problem only caused by Revolut, I am thinking twice!

I got the same problem.
My ordered card was not delivered to me. Support asked me to wait a few more days. What I did.
As of today still nothing is delivered.
Support asked me to order a new card, I told them, no I will not order a new one.
Worse is there is no way to track the package.
Support asked me to contact the postoffice to see where that package is! Really? Without tracking NR.?
I‘m more and more perplex regarding Revolut. So far 90% of my experiences with Revolut were a fail. Only use I had was to pay in some online shops. That I can easily do with all my CC or DB cards.
I can’t see where the advantage of using this system is. Pity because I had hope.
Well, still a long way to go before I can trust Revolt.

Hola @joserocha :slight_smile:

The card will not work “contactlessly” until a CHIP+PIN transactions is carried out, and therefore you should be safe. About online transaction, I’m pretty sure they behave the same way. I agree with you about that not having a tracking number is unacceptable if it was promised/announced :frowning: but however it is quite possible that there has been only 3 to 4 “postal working days”, let’s call them, in the past 8 days.

I mean, there’s a huge amount of mail going through this time of the year, and there has been many non-labour days in the middle.

1st: it’s possible to use the card online even not having receiving it!
So with the data that the card contains any person receiving the card
rather myself can use to use online! Please have your facts before speaking
about them!!!

The express delivery is different from post office! I work with them! So I
never had problems! If they have provided a tracking number we could have
the information about the location of the card!

Even with Christmas, express delivery delivers on time! A package if
shipped with express delivery on 20th should already arrived! If not the
tracking number is an important tool to find where is the card!

So, keep your excuses to you! You only have excuses, not solutions!

Hola @joserocha :slight_smile:

I do not really know which country you’re in, but the times my card was delivered through Express delivery (two times total), Correos Spain (not CorreosExpress or any other courier) registered it as an equivalent to the Paq72, allowing up to 72 working hours for it to be delivered SINCE ITS ARRIVAL TO SPAIN, even though they delivered it in 24h (it should not work like this, I know).

Anyway, today is the third working day since the 21st Dec, so there’s not technically a delay yet.

You’re right. To my best understanding, based on clauses 22 and 23.4.b, as long as you comply with your obligations regarding security you should not be liable for any charge, but :r: also claims not to be liable for third-party failures (specifying postal ones) in clause 24.6.a :confused:

Absolutely not, I’m just debating. They’re not excuses, I don’t need one, I don’t work for :r:

If you believe they haven’t dealt with your issue properly, you might want to consider filing a complaint regarding the absence of a tracking number.

When you order a card use the in app options to either disable the whole card or just disable on-line transactions.