Revolut Card not accepted for YouTube TV


When I want to use my Revolut Card for e.g. Youtube TV in the US it’s not accepted. The card has more than enough funds on it. I click on add credit or debit card and enter the Revolut Card details I receive the following error:
“Unable to complete transaction: prepaid cards can’t be used”

Debit Cards are supported by Youtube TV, just not prepaid gift cards. Is Revolut technically not working like a normal debit card, but a prepaid card?


Hey there @Thaek :slight_smile:

It’s a prepaid card indeed:


Alright thanks for the info. Guess this disqualifies Revolut from a lot of usage scenarios and I need a second card with low fx fees.

What about Monzo and N26? Are those real debit cards?


Hey, @Thaek :slight_smile:

Definitely not Monzo, but N26 I believe is a full (“real” sounds strange haha) debit card :wink: