Revolut Card Not Accepted by Curve


FYI, Revolut card is not being accepted by Curve. Curve also doesn’t accept N26 debit card.


Normal ! :wink:

Revolut Card is a pre-paid card and Curve doesn’t accept any pre-paid card. You have to contact Curve to ask to change that :wink:


Gotta love crowd sourcing forums.:wink: Thanks.


Hey REVOLUT ! When can we top-up our Revolut account with a CURVE card ? :blush:

@AndreasK ?


FYI - you can now add Revoult on to Curve
Tip: Get free Curve card, Sign up with code DN81K & get £5 add your Revoult free virtual card on Curve and you will have a free Physical card working with your Revoult account :slightly_smiling_face::wink: