Revolut Card is not accepted in some locations in Italy

Yesterday we took dinner in a restaurant in Castellina in Chianti. At the end I could not pay with the Revolut Card. The difference with other payments, which where accepted is, I asume, the provider which processes the payment. On the receipt which where accepted the Mod. Online is B.C. ICC, on those which are not accepted the Mod. Online is CTLS ICC.
Is this a known problem?

I have no idea what your are talking about :wink: but I am interested by this Mod. Online stuff…do you ( or someoneelse ) have some resources to share on the subject ?

Mastercard/VISA/Maestro? All are revolut cards. Which did you used?

I have always used my Revolut Mastercard

It seems that it has something to do with the setting of the card device at the location. They can change something, if they know how :thinking::worried:, and then it works,

It seems that it has something to do with the setting of the card device.


Same thing from me, transaction denied, tried several times, nothing to do. I had to pay in cash. Also tried in other places, always denied. I wonder what I need a card that doesn’t work?

I’m have a different issue but also in Italy.

They accept the card but a couple days later I get a notification saying it was “reverted”.

Happened with and a restaurant at Lago Maggiore.

Why is this happening?

Revolut says I need check with the merchants, but why in the world would they reverse a charge days after I already left??

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Wait a little bit and you are going to see it again as delayed transaction.


Not necessarily. Uber cancelled 2 of my charges and have never asked for the total of 50€ back :thinking:


Cool 50€ bonus :crazy_face: