Revolut card for my son

How can I order another physical card with a different name?
I would like to order a card on my account but with my son’s name so that he can use it when travelling to other countries.

You cant. Assuming your son is 18 he can simply open his own account. Otherwise you could give him your card, though that might be a bit risky.

You can’t have the second card with another name, but you can ask for a spare card and give it to your son :slight_smile:

And, of course, you can set a monthly limit :

If you gave your spare card to a relative, you could also set them a monthly spending limit as pocket money. Just give them a card, set a limit and that’s it - you’ve set up an automatic monthly allowance


Using a spare card which is not on his name is NOT a solution.
It violates Revolut’s T&C firstly.
Secondly, in many cases out of EU for example, they ask for an ID while paying with a card.
Thirdly, airlines asks for the same sometimes (or the card has to be on the passenger name)

Please also note that the spare card should be used exclusively by the account holder. If you would like a card for someone else, they can simply create their own Revolut account if they are over 18 years old.

I’d assume it is a grey area but does it actually violate it?

To be fair, I was never asked for an ID, but it might be different if a minor is paying using a card.

Might depend on the airline, but same thing as above here. Was never asked, the airline usually does not even know how the ticket was paid and - even if it was paid by card - that could have been easily paid by a third party.

Within EU they never asked me.
In Philippines, Indonesia, Sei Lanka they almost every time asked for proof of ID. Usually this happens in countries with a higher risk of card frauds.

Happened on Jin Air, Qatar Airways and AirArabia to be asked to present the card at check in. There are airlines which have a rule that the owner of the card must be traveling in the same PNR.

Revolut’s website clearly states that the card can be used exclusively by the account owner. A blog post since two years ago is outdated. Clear things are those which are appearing now on the website.

Sorry, missed the “out of”.

What do they do if you didnt pay by card? What if the card expired in the mean time? :slight_smile:

For future reference, could you point me to the paragraph in question? I would imagine it is a grey area but not necessarily a clear violation that gets your account closed.

I just put a link two posts ago on Revolut website and the paragraph.

This is from spare card page.

If your card expires you have the right to keep it or to get a file from your bank that you owned that card (did that once). If you didn’t paid by card it means you paid in cash, transfer or Paypal. No issues with those ones.

Btw. The PNR has many details. Including firsts and lasts 4 digits of the card, expiry date, billing address, AVS check for cards, location where the ticket was booked (IP based or N/A in case of agency). OTA, codeshare Linked PNRs , for some destinations approval of travel checks based on travel history (eg. Lebanon vs Israel, Lebanon checks this so no matter if you change your passport). Beside name, birthdate, address, contact and other informations.

I was working with this things :grimacing: and traveling full time.

Last time they asked me on Jin Air to present the card I used to make the booking because the name on the card is A. GHXXX instead of ALEXANDRU GHXXX.

Ps. For your curiosity ask the last airline you flew the GDPR data and you’ll be surprised how many informations they get from you just by booking a flight online

What if someone else buys the ticket for you and your card is not used?

And then? Is there any solution for a minor son travelling abroad?
I have no problems with my current banks, they have happily produced a new card with his name against my account…
And they will happily get the commissions every time he takes money out of an ATM or uses it.
Isn’t there a way to use revolut card for this market? At least in my country there are really many minors travelling abroad to study and or learn languages. It is probably their first time abroad and their first time to use a card… Why renouncing to that market?

Revolut is not yet a bank… there are different regulations.

You take the risk.
You have to prove that you had the accept of the owner.
And yes. They have the right to deny boarding…
and it’s pretty common

Pay attention on T&C before you accept them. You’ll be surprised. It’s their (the airline) right and many airlines has this rule.


If payment is made online by card, the same card must be presented at the time of check-in and the card holder must be one of the travellers on the itinerary. Failure to present the card will mean that all passengers in the booking will be denied boarding. Please note that virtual cards should not be used to purchase tickets online.

Thanks for the answer, but if the name in the card is my name instead of my son’s… Isn’t it illegal for him to use it as suggested in the previous answer?

That was my original question.

Not much, Revolut does not accommodate your use-case.

That would be new to me, but it seems to solve your problem.

It is not illegal, it might be refused though if they insist on checking the identity.

It is illegal to use any card if the person is not the owner. That’s why banks have joint accounts for spare cards.

Unfortunately, Revolut does not yet have joint accounts. Is in pending for few months, “soon” :slight_smile:

It is not illegal, it is potentially a violation of service terms, but as I said earlier I dont think that would get your account closed.

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Care to elaborate on that? I have NEVER been asked for an ID in EU.

In the EU they never asked me. But in south and south east Asia is very common to as for ID

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Good to know :ok_hand:
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