Revolut card failing while travelling


Hello all,

This message is especially for :r: but it is also interesting for fellow customers like me. It will be a bit long, but it is needed to understand what happened.
I am posting here as all my private messages to revolut have not brought any good solution.

I have been a :r: customer for 3 months now and I would like to express my great dissatisfaction with what happened over the past days. I was very happy until then, recommending Revolut to all my friends and family members. Several of them have joined in the past months.
But then my :r: MasterCard started failing, despite being in mint condition and less than 3 months old. I was travelling across several eastern European countries and using it just fine, both at ATMs and more at different shops or restaurants. But then Thursday afternoon, it failed a first time. Then a second, a third, etc. It was refused in every ATM or merchant. Contactless, chip and pin, stripe. Funds were more than sufficient, and the card worked for online payements, but physically it just did not work. I had to abort my trip and take a train home earlier than I planned: I was running low on cash and had no other card than my :r: one (big mistake on my side).
I have contacted the customer support right away. Thursday, after a lot of time (4-5 hours) and lots of tests and waiting, I was offered a replacement card after deactivating mine. Not willing to go 2 weeks without a card (it’s the standard delivery time), I said I would try it again the next day, just in case it got better.
After trying again the next day, in another country, and facing yet another failure of the card, I sent a message on the chat again. After 5-6 hours in line, your CS agent said he would contact the technical team and come back to me around noon the next day (Saturday): having no response at 6 pm, I contacted the live chat support again. As it was already night time when I got a response, I was only able to finish everything today.

So what solution was offered to me? Both my virtual and physical card were deactivated so that I could order a new one. It should be delivered on Friday the 18th, so almost 2 weeks (9 working days).

I have seral suggestions for the :r: team to get out of this, as well as some personal issues that I hope you will solve with me by email.

  1. Regarding the waiting time, I understand that you are growing fast, but 4 to 6 hours, 4 days in a row, is not acceptable. I’m sure that you’re trying to hire more staff, and that you’re working on Rita :robot: to work even better, but something needs to be done here.
    Maybe a “fast lane” when people have emergencies like mine? Because a failing card when abroad is an emergency that should be dealt with in an hour, not 6.

  2. Roughly 2 decades ago, was launched to try to replace the banks. It is now Paypal, with some great features, but not the all the features as a bank. If Revolut :r: wants to be the first large and successful online bank, customers need to be able to trust their online bank. With a failing card abroad and hours of waiting, I can’t trust Revolut enough to be my main bank. If I have to always carry a “backup card” in case my :r: card fails again, then Revolut won’t ever become my main bank.
    I love your idea, your ambition, your project. But you need to work on it to win over customers.

  3. Regarding the solution that was offered to me, I am not satisfied at all, and that for two reasons.
    A/ The first reason is the waiting time: I could only be refunded the standard delivery fee and not the express one. I, therefore, have to wait almost two weeks for my new card.
    You should not let a customer without a card when he spends several hundreds of euro a month with your bank. In a “real” physical bank, I would have a temporary solution right away and a replacement in a few days. Not in 2 weeks.
    Sure, the express delivery costs you more. But do you realize the inconvenience caused to me by your failing card abroad? What it cost me in time, money and energy? I think that in the future, you should offer an express delivery if the card of a client fails.
    B/Both cards, my virtual and my physical, were deleted by your agents so that I could order a new one. I had paid a 5,99€ fee to have that second card, and now it’s gone. I was not refunded and I please ask you to refund me this fee as well as I now have only one card.

I thank you for taking the time to read me.
I will answer more questions from the :r: team or other custommers about what happened if you need. If you are part of the :r: team and want to understand better the technical problem that occured and want to see photos of the error message at the ATM etc, please contact me.

Looking forward to hear back from the :r: Team,



Very sorry to hear about your situation and I hope it is resolved soon.
The constant stream of messages on this forum complaining about poor support is becoming increasingly concerning. :r: support has been poor for some considerable time and the excuse is always “we are recruiting more agents” or something similar. The last crowdfunding round was supposed to improve the support service but it clearly hasn’t. Maybe less funding on new features and more focus on building an outstanding service experience would be more prudent going forward please :r:


Yet they brag about bagging another $250 million right on the top of the website. These scam artists are laughing all the way to the bank.