Revolut card doesn't work with GrabCar


Just ordered the card and because I can’t use the money till the card arrives (I expect around one month) i said ok, gonna try Grab/ Uber.

With Uber it worked using UK as issued country and my Romanian postcode.

GrabCar request a small payment to check the card (10P) (with 3D secure, as I’ve tried to re-add my romanian CC).

Uber sent an authorisation request.

Any tips about?

(ps. I might start having many questions about Revolut as I’ve just started using it… :smiley: )

Whatever, :r: saved my life:
Changed my Apple location to UK
Downloaded Spotify (not available in RO)
Paid the premium subscription 1 GBP for 3 months (tho for UK is insanely expensive after 3 months… 10 GBP )


Revolut’s card doesn’t support 3D Secure unfortunately. If GrabCar supports Paypal, I would advise you to use that. N26 (a Revolut European competitor) supports it.



Thanks… so that’s why. In this case is Grabcar fault as in other shops which does not support 3D secure just skip it if it’s not available.

But probably I’ll use the funds in iTunes :laughing:

btw about Paypal. I have PP Business linked to the RO cards and account. I don’t want to change that.
I guess I have to make a new account for :r: as is saw an UK card (which is awesome)