Revolut card declined at shops

I’ve received my new Revolut card (Visa) and activated it by withdrawing money from an ATM, this went with no problems. After activating the card the “greyed-out menu” in the app for the card is open for changes. So it looks activated.

Then I wanted to pay in a Supermarket (a Jumbo), a pin transaction (chip), not contactless, card declined.
So I tried another Supermarket (ALbert Heijn) , again a pin transaction (chip), card declined again.
Both are supermarkets in the Netherlands. There is enough funds on the euro-account

What could be the problem?

I just got the same issur at Auchan Paris, this is the first time I meet this issue since 2 months of usage.

Does the transaction show up as declined in the app?

No, both attemps don’t show up in the app.
The withdrawl via ATM is shown in the app.

Could it be that both supermarkets refuse payment by the revolut card?

I don’t think it’s a deliberate decision. What was the error message of the terminal?

An error-mesage like refused/declined…

I’ve found an topic on a dutch forum, the person mentioned that some supermarkets here in the Netherlands refuse payments by revolut-cards…

So it could be that there’s nothing wrong with the card… Tomorrow I’ll try the card at another shop.

Hm. It seems weird that shops would block certain cards. I guess other similar card products would be also affected that have the same technical specifications as the Revolut card. Have you considered ordering an additional Maestro card? That might solve this for you.

I’ve found an topic on the community:

Maybe you’re right that ordering an additional card will solve my problem.

In the Netherlands most shops only support Maestro and Vpay

Accepance for MC and Visa js very low here…

Ok, I’m going to order a maestro card, and hope that it solves my problem.

Thank you for your help!

It also looks cool. The maestro logo works better with the design of the card, in my opinion :nerd_face: