Revolut card charged in GBP instead of EU in Paypal


I have recently added my revolut card to my paypal account in order to pay for my Netflix subscription.

The cost of the subscription is €9.99 per month and this month was the first time i used paypal with my Revolut Card for this transaction.

It seems though that the charge through paypal was executed as £9.10 which resulted to a €10.50 (approximately) charge for my Netflix subscription.

I have disabled my GBP account in Revolut and my Paypal Account has as primary location Cyprus (€). Is there something I can do for my card to be charged directly in EUR?


Hey @cyiannatsos :slight_smile:

Please read this thread entirely, as this has to do with PayPal and not :r::


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This wont help, as Paypal will still charge you in GBP. You need to follow the steps outlined in the link posted by Juliopp.

Hello @Juliopp and @alessandro,

I suspected that it was something to do with paypal and thank you for clarifying this for me! I will contact PayPal in order to make the necessary changes.

Thanks for your help!


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You have to set the currency by paypal,had the same problem

Sure, you can contact PayPal and wait 2 or 3 days for a reaction or you do it yourself in 5 minutes: Conversion rates when buying through PayPal

Your choice :wink:

Hello @Manaburner,

I already did that, thank you :wink: Exactly the steps I followed!



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Hi @cyiannatsos Perfect :slight_smile: