Revolut card balance


I just created a virtual card on Revolut, but I don’t know which currency does it use?
I currently have GBP, EUR and USD accounts on Revolut. Does it use the balance from the GBP account?

And where can I check if there are fees for purchasing stuff either in UK or abroad with this card?

Same as a physical card - best bet is to read the FAQ’s


The cards you create does not have a specific currency. Instead they automatically chose the currency where you use it. So if you are in Denmark and have Danish Krone in your Revolut account, then the card will use that balance. If you do not have any Danish Krone it will use your base currency and automatically do an exchange when you pay with the card. The exchange rate used will always be the interbank rake. But as TonyP said read the FAQ it explains it all in great detail at