Revolut Business Support chat. Anyone there?

There has been two days and `I have no response from anyone.
Is the chat actually working?


Hello @Dimitrio :wave:

Can you please send me a private message with your number and the name of your company so we can help?

Thank you in advance!


Can you give me some support too? I don’t receive feedback from your Support. I have a business account. Thanks

I have the same problem. No answer and a critical issue to solve…


I have the same issue with the support. I have sent a request on the 11th june, and I still have no answers.


Hey - i have the same issue. Chat is completely unresponsive on an urgent matter.
I’ve even tried upgrading the plan but still nothing.
Also how do you even start a new chat? There doesn’t seem to be a functionality to start chats on Revolut Business only replies to queries that were raised to you.

Can you confirm?