Revolut Business - Setup is badly broken


Trying to setup Revolut Business, and can’t proceed. Several issues:

  1. The scan of Companies House database is helpful. However, the directors screen is auto-populated with all data - including multiple copies of some directors, and former directors. Company Secretaries (current & former) also seem to be included here, regardless of whether or not they were also directors.

  2. The delete button does not work for directors (on Mac Firefox) - just takes through to the “Add More Details” screen. Adding a bit more information & then trying to back out to see if a director can then be deleted does not work. There appears to be no way to get rid of incorrect data here, and any attempt to do so leads to a screen that wants to see identification documents for the incorrect director that we are trying to get rid of.

  3. Live chat does not work - complains of authorization problems (because the account is not fully set up yet?)


Hi @kittylyst,

thanks a lot for the message and so sorry for this inconvenience! While it’s not affecting everyone who is signing up, it is definitely not the user experience you’d expect. Could you please kindly write to with the company’s name you’re trying to set up and we’ll fix it in no time.

Sorry again and thanks for the feedback - it helps us improve.