Revolut Business + PayPal


Has anyone of you been able to link his Revolut Business Account to a PayPal Business Account??

It seems that my PayPal Business Account doesn’t like the Revolut Business IBAN…

Someone of the Revolut’s team can help please?



Hello @markettop :wave:

PayPal should be able to accept unique account details, such as for example your GBP local t account number with a sort code, or your SEPA EUR account IBAN. Please let us know how it goes!

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Here is how to link your EUR SEPA Revolut Business to Paypal:


Sorry @alex423 but I didn’t get it…

My company is Maltese…are you suggesting to change in the PayPal settings the country of my company?

Thanks for the help


Mine is too :slight_smile: Just call paypal as explained and tell them to manually add the account and when they say they dont support revolut tell then you have a special full sepa / direct debit accoubt with them and dont even argue just tell the to manually add it period. If they dont go on to next customer rep.


Hi Olga,

this is what I get everytime I tried to add the IBAN of my Euro Account:

Do you know if anyone else has already linked his Revolut Business Account to PayPal?



@markettop: Again call Paypal, tell them to manually add your Revolut IBAN to your paypal account.


Thank you @alex423…it worked!

A customer support agent of PayPal fixed the problem and now I can use my account linked to my Revolut Business Account.

Thanks again for the help!


Np, when am i getting my Moscow Mule in the Thirsty Barber? :wink:


@alex423 as soon as I’ll be back in Malta you deserve at least 2 drinks! :smiley:

Thanks again for the moment!