Revolut Business + PayPal

Has anyone of you been able to link his Revolut Business Account to a PayPal Business Account??

It seems that my PayPal Business Account doesn’t like the Revolut Business IBAN…

Someone of the Revolut’s team can help please?


Hello @markettop :wave:

PayPal should be able to accept unique account details, such as for example your GBP local t account number with a sort code, or your SEPA EUR account IBAN. Please let us know how it goes!

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Here is how to link your EUR SEPA Revolut Business to Paypal:

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Sorry @alex423 but I didn’t get it…

My company is Maltese…are you suggesting to change in the PayPal settings the country of my company?

Thanks for the help

Mine is too :slight_smile: Just call paypal as explained and tell them to manually add the account and when they say they dont support revolut tell then you have a special full sepa / direct debit accoubt with them and dont even argue just tell the to manually add it period. If they dont go on to next customer rep.

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Hi Olga,

this is what I get everytime I tried to add the IBAN of my Euro Account:

Do you know if anyone else has already linked his Revolut Business Account to PayPal?


@markettop: Again call Paypal, tell them to manually add your Revolut IBAN to your paypal account.

Thank you @alex423…it worked!

A customer support agent of PayPal fixed the problem and now I can use my account linked to my Revolut Business Account.

Thanks again for the help!

Np, when am i getting my Moscow Mule in the Thirsty Barber? :wink:

@alex423 as soon as I’ll be back in Malta you deserve at least 2 drinks! :smiley:

Thanks again for the moment!