Revolut Business Account Registration SMS

I have an older phone I will try uninstalling the app and reinstalling.

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Hello, I have managed to instal Revolut business app on my phone. Where do I find the chat/

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Hello @PriscillaS :wave: ,

Sorry to hear about your problem. :frowning_face: May I know were you able to find the chat option? :thinking:

SG | Community Team

i can t log in on my account, please help

Welcome to our :r: community @pantelis :wave: .

Sorry for the problem you are facing right now. :frowning_face: I can see that you are trying to open a business account with us. :thinking:

Can you please confirm if your business account is already active because to login to your account you need to have an active account. :pray:

SG | Community Team

I can’t tell actually… every time i try to log in, i receive that message, even on app on the phone.

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Not to worry @pantelis. Kindly contact us here so that they can resolve your issue individually. :ninja:

SG | Community Team