Revolut Business account blocked for 1 month


Our Revolut Business account has now been blocked for 1 month and Live Chat do not reply.

What should we do? Why do you not have a Phone Number on your website?

Revolut feels like a scam!


Hi SEOTigers!

Do you have any improvement in cooperation with revolut?

My account is blocked for a 3 weeks and also no one replies. I do not know what to do. May be you have any idea?


Hello @SEOTigers and @valery1

I am really sorry that your accounts were flagged by our security system.
We have rigorous internal controls and monitoring systems to ensure the appropriate level of customer due diligence is performed. We take our responsibilities under the Money Laundering Regulations very seriously and what happened is a result of that.
I really understand your concerns and we are working hard to speed up the resolution for you and future customers as well.

Best regards,


Dear Revolut! Please advise the meaning the «reviewing the account». What is to review if there was only one transaction and after that the account is blocked for more than one month? We are a shipping company and we are forced after blocking the account to continue our operation via our agents now. Please advise how long you may review only one transaction?