Revolut blocks Apple Cash

When did Revolut start blocking Apple Cash payment???
I tried to transfer funds to my friend through Apple Pay. But this transaction was declined by Revolut.
"Declined - Our security system flagged this transaction as suspicious and declined it to keep your money safe. "
It is surprising to me that a fintech company like Revolut can consider Apple Pay which is used by most to the merchants, unsafe.
I hope Revolut security system will rectify this error soon.

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Hi @nomadus :wave:

Sorry to hear about your trouble with this payment. Have you tried checking what might have caused this with our support team?

We have an automated security system set in place to prevent fraudulent card transactions, which automatically declines the transaction. You can read more about this here, and if you still have issued, please reach out to us - we are here to help :pray:

Hi Mariana,

Your support team was not much of help. All they replied was “Sorry for the inconvenience. But our automated security system flagged the transaction due to a potential risk. You can always pay using another card or transfer”
Now I pay my friend through Apple Pay using another card.
It is surprising that Revolut is not able to tweak their automated system to recognize the Apple Pay Cash.

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Hi @nomadus :wave:

Sorry to hear about that, but you can always reactivate your card. Have you checked this link here?

Hi @Mariana_Rodrigues,
The problem is not with activating the card. I send money to my friend through iMessage using Apple Cash Payment Card. The funds are to be added to Apple Cash card through Revolut card. This is when Revolut blocks the money transfer to Apple Cash card as it categorizes Apple Cash card an insecure payment method. This has something to do with Revolut security system.

Unbelievable. Even today this issue continues. Someone in Revolut should take a serious review of this matter.

Hi @nomadus :wave: ,

Sorry to hear about your problem.:frowning_face: Kindly contact us via in-app chat so that we can look into your issue individually. :pray:

SG | Community Team

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