Revolut blocked


Revolut blocks you on twitter when you try to contact them.


Many people have contacted them that way without issue, their twitter is a support one. So no, they don’t block everyone, there must be a reason.
Did you contact them first in public? Were you somehow offensive?


I don’t want to shame them publicly, just yet.
But blocking me when trying to inquire about a transfer that has been delayed for more than 4 days now. Is getting really suspicious.

I would really appreciate if they would contact me about this.
Right now it looks like they stole my money and are avoiding any type of contact.


They didn’t steal you money… and there is probably a good reason for the delay.

@AndreasK could you please have a look at his problem? Details are here: Lost transaction


Maybe someone had a bad day… On Twitter, except one case, I’m trying to be funny and mood increaser all the time even if I have a problem…

Well, things come… things goes. Yesteday I tweeted 4 big eye sad cats/ grumpy gifs to :r: and today they answered :))

Once I’ve sent a pic with the first thing I bought after my bank fixed my card: a beer… and told them cheers :beers:


I really hope you are right quentinb.


Yes, they are generally very helpful and with a good mood, definitely not the last for silly gifs and such :wink:

I do think this is all a big misunderstanding, and that your payment is just under review or something.

I understand the frustration, but I still hope this will be solved :pray:


Hi there. We haven’t blocked you on Twitter. In fact I was personally in touch with you via Twitter & Facebook. I’m not really sure what’s this screenshot though, but I guess it’s because Revoluts doesn’t follow you back.