Revolut blocked my account two times in 10 days


I would like to inform all Revolut users about my invidious situation.
All started last week, when my account was blocked. Revolut support stated that I’m using Revolut account for business purposes. They asked the purpose of my transfers. First of all, I introduced myself. I told I am a professional investor, also a cryptocurrency coach. I meet people every day, ones are friends, others are acquaintances. I told them I am using Revolut just for shopping, grocery, currency conversion when I am in other countries, also I was transferring some money for my friends, because Revolut promote as a 21st century banking alternative designed for your global lifestyle. They saying that Revolut it’s like having a local bank account wherever you are. Also they promoting it as easiest and fastest transfers in between all consumers, this is what I was actually doing. Support was sensible and soon my account was unblocked, because they understood I didn’t use Revolut for business purposes.
The next few days were normal, I was using my Revolut account ordinary, for shopping, grocery, also payed restaurants bills and transferred some money to acquaintances and friends.
Yesterday, in the morning, my account was blocked again. I received the same questions like last time and my answers were the same, just this time support member, named Ethan interpret my words in his own way. He was stating that if I am using Revolut to pay for these coaching services this count using Revolut for business purposes. I asked him, when I was saying such a thing, and all what he did was, just coped one sentence from my comprehensive answer. My answer was: “No, I never used it for business. As I said before, like few days ago, for other guy from support, that I am a professional investor, I also coaching how to understand cryptocurrency and I meet lot of people every day. One of them are my friends and others are just acquaintance. We hanging out, going to lunch, dinner, for some drinks after the work, but we don’t use Revolut for business.”. This is Ethan’s answer to my question, when I said it: “You said above that I am professional investor, I also coaching how to understand cryptocurrency and I meet lot of people every day.”. I was very surprised, that this kind of serious company’s support can’t correctly interpret my answers. I actually questioned this person’s, named Ethan competency communicate in English and work in such a company. I was asking many questions more, but I didn’t get any particular answers. He just mentioned, that I was warned to do not use Revolut account for business purposes. I really can’t remember I was warned or banned to continue transactions. I was saying again and again, that I wasn’t using Revolut for business purposes, but was no answers anymore. This is how our conversation ended up.
Today I asked, if there was any news. I got answered from new support member, named Gaurav. He asked me again what is my name, surname and etc. Of course I answered. After, I got kind of interesting answer from Gaurav, his answer was: “Hi Julius, as you stated before you are a coach and receive payments for your services. This qualifies as a business hence all funds will be returned to the original source.”. As you can see, support member Ethan was stating that I was actually paying for coaching, but support member Gaurav said I was receiving payments. As you can see they are contradicting to each other, but working for the same support. Also I told Gaurav, that I don’t receive any payments from coaching and I never said that I did, but I didn’t get any response to it . In the end of conversation, I mentioned that think my consumer rights are effected and I am ready to defend myself till the end.
I decided to share this story to all of you, just because I am hoping to be heard and to show the other side of support. I really hope my account will be unblocked soon. To be continued…:slight_smile:


Most of the guys and girls working @ Revolut are Russians or eastern Europe nationals. I am not surprised that they don’t understand what you are talking about and use the copy-paste technique to answer to your questions. In reality, they never answer your questions.

Ex: Why did you block my account ?
answer : For security reasons we cannot tell you… LOL

Good luck… Kafka is around !!!


OK, so this is ridiculous.
My account is locked because of too many “internal transfers” and they keep asking what is the nature of them.
I explained that “I use this account to send and receive money from my friends with which I play poker”.
The answer provided by Natalia was: “Yes, you are not able to do that, that is why the system locked your account”.
Unable to do what? Send and receive money on the app which is created for this purpose?
There is this 15K annual limit on my account - does it not serve the purpose to show when there are too many transfers? How come there are too many transfers when the limit is not reached?
Is this very costly to Revolut to change two balances of their customers when the transfer is made? What is the problem?


Good remark. This whole process looks and feels so kafkaesque to me…


Hi Voveiux,
I collected money from 4 friends to rent a villa for our one month vacation in South Africa. I explained them why I was collecting this money for. I would have imagined that the next question could have been do you have a pro forma invoice for this rent to prove it. Guess what ? They asked me a copy of my bank account statement with the top up origin. Completely unrelated… Then they send me a message telling me that my account has been unlocked and 3 hours later it’s locked again… Crazy !!!
I never could have a reason for this new blockade ! FSR, FSR… this is their leitmotiv…
I am very happy with Monzo and N26.


Never used Monzo but N26 is the same crap. Be careful!


N26 is so far rock solid for me. Literally not a single issue since I started using it.


They are holding more than 5k that I withdraw from Kraken.

Until then I never had an issue too. Support is silent as death!

Like I said “Be careful”!


Well don’t be so surprised. Bitcoins are grey area.


They replied on the chat support that transfers from Kraken wouldn’t be a problem. I asked to be sure.

But my problem is not whether they accept transfers from Kraken or not. The problem is that they are holding my money without any valid reason and against my will. Just like Revolut!

Therefore they are the same crap! Beware!


It seems to be the problem for many with all these new “banks”. Old banks may suck, but you get reasonable support and some guarantees. Here it seems anything goes.


Totally agree with this!

When I started mixing crypto deals with banks last year I came to the conclusion that regular banks sucked so I turned to these “new banks” claiming to be different, crypto-friendly, etc… only to discover that they suck even more than regular “old banks”.

It has been a disappointing year!