Revolut blocked my account & customer service is TERRIBLE


I tried to transfer money to my spouse this morning. My account was frozen, first with a screen that said “Please help us to keep your account safe; Don’t worry, we just need to verify some information about you” (with no prompt to compete that verification) and then “Your account is currently blocked for security reasons.”

I have no problem with KYC/AML (know your customer/anti-money laundering) measures. Or with extra security steps.

I do have a problem with support centers that are unresponsive and repetitive. It took an hour for a live person to start to help me. But her responses weren’t timely, and I couldn’t keep staring at my phone waiting for someone to get back to me about why my money was inaccessible.

In the afternoon, I contacted CS again, answered some personal information questions. I was asked for the second time about the nature of my transfer. I answered… didn’t hear anything. So 15 minutes later asked if I did something wrong. No response. 30 minutes later? zilch. Finally, i was referred to the second time to another team. I was asked for the THIRD time the nature of my transfer. I explained again. Then the CS person disappeared. Again.

Let’s see if I ever get access to my money again. Not a good feeling for someone trusting a startup.


The same for me gwrenr! I hope that they can help us soon…


Same for me - I’ve been waiting over an hour for support to work! Customer service is terrible. Been trying to switch my account to another phone and now blocked without any support at all. Ridiculous!!


I am agree with you. It been 3 days I try to validate my ID and the customer service is terrible. I have to travel today and I can not used my card yet because the customer service is too long. So I decide to close my account with all my information .this is the feedback of the customer service" terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused!Please do not worry! The verification process will be completed within a couple minute" and now it is 15 min and nothing happened. So I can not also closed my account . IT IS unbelievable


The problem solved via Facebook on 2min. It is better to résolved your problem via Facebook


How do You contact to support via Facebook? via chat? I asked for help on facebook but got this info:

Hi Józef, thanks for your message. We’re not here right now, but we’ll get back to you soon.
Our in-App support chat is available: Mon-Fri: 8am - 10pm UKT, Sat-Sun: 12pm - 6pm UKT & 24/7 exclusive support for all the Premium accounts.

I’m waiting for chat in application for an hour but nobody spoke to me at moment and I care about time because I have to pay today for order :frowning: Is it normal?


A good piece of advice guys, switch to Monzo or N26.
Read my story with Revolut and think twice before sending your money to them :